Monday, 21 August 2017

Vote for Walton Parish Nursing!

Walton Parish Nursing have been nominated for a One Family Foundation grant. This is awarded according to a public vote. Walton Parish Nursing will use the grant to support Fizzabilty (WPN's support group for those of working age with disabilities) should sufficient people vote.

Please follow the instructions below to register and vote by 6th September.   One Family Foundation ask for your personal information (name, address, email) when you register.    One Family Foundation are a friendly society and as such are a commercial organisation and can use your data for marketing purposes.   If you are not happy to give your information away, then don't register or vote as WPN have no control over what may happen to it.

Here’s how to register and vote.

1) Register online to the One Family Foundation (make sure you untick the further information boxes as required if you don't want them to send you stuff). 

2) Go to this page to vote the WPN page…/walton-parish-nursing/

3) Vote for WPN's project by clicking the ‘Vote’ button.

Closing date is 9th September 2017.